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November 2021

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In our latest Commentary, Senior Board Member Prof. Forero and colleagues discuss the key elements of data sharing and open repositories, and explore how this adds to initiatives around Open Science. 

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August 2021

Call for content!

Following a call from the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee for evidence on reproducibility and research integrity, and the roles different institutions play in this, we partnered with the UK Reproducibility Network to provide a platform to share feedback on the topic with the wider scientific community. 
Our new collection welcomes opinion pieces by individuals, groups and organisations.

August 2021

Editor's choice collection: qPCR - Applications and methodologies

This retrospective collection edited by Dr. Diego A. Forero, MD, PhD (Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina, Colombia) showcases advances to the methodology and application of quantitative polymerase chain reactions (qPCRs), which are being used by researchers and healthcare providers around the world. 

Please explore selected articles on the topic published in BMC Research Notes. 

February 2021

Editor's choice collection: Machine learning in medicine

This retrospective collection edited by Dr AlRyalat (The University of Jordan) showcases how machine learning has revolutionized diagnostic medicine and inspired new applications and diagnostic tools. 

Please explore selected articles on the topic published in BMC Research Notes. 

September 2020

Time for a celebration!

In 2017, BMC Research Notes introduced a new article type to allow authors to share their data and receive much deserved credit - the Data Note.
We have recently published our 100th Data Note, highlighting out commitment to open data and the community's interest in this topic! 

Please join me in congratulating the authors, daSilva-deAbreu and co workers, as well as all contributors to BMC Research Notes, including Editorial Board Members, authors, reviewers, the Editorial Office, the Research Data team, our Assistant Editor and the wider BMC series, on this amazing achievement!

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Previously featured content

October 2021

keletal preparations of wt (a), homozygous Dll1GFPHAstopSF (b) and Dll1SF d15.5 fetuses. © Fig. 2CActivity of the mouse Notch ligand DLL1 is sensitive to C-terminal tagging in vivo
To visualise DLL1 in tissues, for sorting and enrichment of DLL1-expressing cells, and to efficiently purify DLL1 protein complexes Schuster-Gossler et al tagged DLL1 in mice with AcGFPHA or Strep/FLAG.

Sydney,Australia: An indigenous dancer waits his turn in a competition during the Homeground festival © © PomInOzAn exploration of the sociodemographic and health conditions associated with self-rated wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults
Gall et al conducted exploratory analyses to ascertain factors associated with self-rated wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults.

big fish eats medium sized fish eats little fish © © samarttiwA meta-collection of nitrogen stable isotope data measured in Arctic marine organisms from the Canadian Beaufort Sea, 1983–2013
A total of 1077 entries from the Arctic food web are described in this Data Note by Ehrman et al, from top marine mammal predators to primary producers.

August 2021

Featured article: Mental health and resilience among Eritrean refugees at arrival and one-year post-registration in Switzerland: a cohort study

This study by Chernet et al assesses the mental health status and resilience of Eritrean migrants in Switzerland upon arrival and one-year post-arrival. Data demonstrate a high burden of mental health conditions, particularly PTSD and urge health authorities to consider screening for mental health conditions.

Featured article: Recruiting ‘hard to reach’ parents for health promotion research: experiences from a qualitative study

Marginalised populations are less likely to take part in health research. Tully et al implemented various recruitment strategies for ‘hard to reach’ parents for health promotion research, and found that despite comprehensive, multi-pronged approaches, the most marginalised parents may not have been reached.

Featured article: Characterizing alternative and emerging tobacco product transition of use behavior on Twitter

In this Research Note, Bardier et al provide early insights into how social media users discuss topics related to transition of use and their experiences with different and emerging tobacco product use behavior.

Featured data: Decontamination, pooling and dereplication of the 678 samples of the Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project

In this Data Note, Van Vlierberghe et al release a unique set of high-quality transcriptomes which passed through a parallel consolidation pipeline.

June 2021

Featured article: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on athletes with disabilities preparing for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo

In this Research note, Urbański et al assess the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on athletes preparing for the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games during lockdown in Poland.

Featured article: Using infographics to improve trust in science: a randomized pilot test

Via randomized pilot tests Agley et al are investigating how infographics may be used to improve trust in science, COVID-19 misinformation and behavioral intentions for non-pharmaceutical preventive behaviors.

Featured article: Demographic and policy-based differences in behaviors and attitudes towards driving after marijuana use: an analysis of the 2013–2017 Traffic Safety Culture Index

Benedetti et al show that based on self-reported behaviors and attitudes, certain demographic groups were more tolerant of driving after marijuana use. They found no evidence suggesting that behaviors and attitudes were more tolerant in states with liberal marijuana policies.

May 2021

Featured article: Long-term monitoring for conservation: closing the distribution gap of Arctocephalus australis in central Chile

In this Research note, Cárcamo et al provide first record of stable colonies of the South American fur seal in a distribution gap and an provide an update of the distribution range of the species in central Chile.

Featured article: Opioid use, motivation to quit, and treatment status related to COVID-19: a cross-sectional study

This study by Parker et al measured opioid users’ perceptions of risk or harm from COVID-19, as well as potential changes in motivation to quit, frequency of use, and engagement with treatment.

Featured article: Design and assembly of a domestic water temperature, pH and turbidity monitoring system

A water monitoring system was described by Nanyanzi et al that can log temperature, pH and turbidity continuously and give alerts in case any parameters are outside the acceptable limits for potable water.

April 2021

Featured article: The effect of silica desiccation under different storage conditions on filter-immobilized environmental DNA

The present study by Allison et al evaluates the quality of filter-immobilized eDNA desiccated with silica gel under different storage conditions for over a year using targeted quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction-based assays.

Featured article: SeqEnhDL: sequence-based classification of cell type-specific enhancers using deep learning models

In this Research note, Wang et al address the challenge of computational identification of cell type-specific regulatory elements on a genome-wide scale. Their analysis suggests that both enhancers and their tissue-specificity can be accurately identified based on their sequence features.

Featured article: Time-dependent efficacy of combination of silver-containing hydroxyapatite coating and vancomycin on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation in vitro

Hashimoto et al developed a silver-containing hydroxyapatite (Ag-HA) coating to prevent periprosthetic joint infection and investigated the time-dependent efficacy of Ag-HA coating and vancomycin on MRSA biofilm formation on Ti discs in vitro by three-dimensional confocal laser scanning microscopic analysis.

February 2021

Featured article: Gender and socioeconomic disparities in reasons for not smoking cigarettes among Danish adolescents

Kjeld et al examined reasons for not smoking in Danish 14-year-olds and found that differed substantially across gender and less according to socioeconomic position. 

Featured article: Phylogenetic signal in floral temperature patterns

To explore the relationship between pollinators and temperature patterning, Rands and Harrap investigated whether there is diversity in patterning, and if these patterns are a by-product of floral architecture constrained by ancestry.

January 2021

Featured article: Skeletal dysplasia-like syndromes in wild giraffe

This Research Notes by Michael Butler Brown & Emma Wells documents the rare occurrences dwarfism, or apparent skeletal dysplasia, in fin two wild giraffe. Although skeletal dysplasia is observed in people and domestic animals such as dogs, the condition has been rarely documented in wild animals.

Featured article: Baby names in Japan, 2004–2018: common writings and their readings

This Data Note by Yuji Ogihara describes the names of approx. 8,000 Japanese names for babies born between 2004 and 2018 and supplements both writing and reading information. 

November 2020

Featured article: Doppler radar rainfall prediction and gauge data

The data in this Data Note by Lansford et al represents multiple gauge sets and multiple radar sites of like-type Doppler data sets combined to produce populations of ordered pairs. It is relevant in various applications of hydrometeorology and engineering as well as weather forecasting.

Featured article: Heterologous microsatellite primers are informative for paca (Cuniculus paca), a large rodent with economic and ecological importance

Roldán Gallardo et al demonstrate in this Research Note the successful cross-amplification of multiple microsatellite pairs in paca providing a solid and promising foundation for future genetic studies with this species.

October 2020

Featured article: Effect of dapsone alone and in combination with intracellular antibiotics against the biofilm form of B. burgdorferi

This in vitro study Horowitz at el suggests that dapsone combination therapy could represent a novel and effective treatment option against the biofilm form of B. burgdorferi.

Featured article: Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in obese patients with ventricular assist devices: a data note

daSilva-deAbreu et al describe in this Data Note baseline, perioperative, and long-term data of patients with ventricular assist devices undergoing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.

September 2020

Exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) decreases neutrophil migration response to injury in zebrafish embryos

Pecquet et al report on the effects of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), an environmental contaminant, on the neutrophil migration in the developing zebrafish embryos. The results lay the groundwork for investigations on immunotoxicity mechanisms.

Anti-proliferative and cytotoxic effect of cannabidiol on human cancer cell lines in presence of serum

Sainz-Cort and co-workers assessed viability and proliferation of cancer cells treated with cannabidiol in varying concentrations of serum. They concluded that indicate that the effect of cannabidiol is cell context-dependent and modulated by growth factors.

July 2020

SOCRATES: an online tool leveraging a social contact data sharing initiative to assess mitigation strategies for COVID-19

Willem et al established a social contact data sharing initiative and an interactive tool to assess mitigation strategies for COVID-19. They illustrated that physical distancing may impact on reducing transmission for COVID-19 and that the effect depends on assumptions made about disease-specific characteristics and the choice of intervention(s).

Whole genome sequence of five strains of Spiroplasma citri isolated from different host plants and its leafhopper vector

In this Data Note, Yokomi et al describe the whole genome sequences of five Spiroplasma citri strains, isolated from citrus, horseradish and Neoaliturus (Circulifer) tenellus (Baker).

June 2020

Multiplex PCR for identification of two butterfly sister species: Eurema mandarina and Eurema hecabe

Miyata et al suggest that multiplex PCR using Tpi with appropriately designed primers can be used to accurately and reliably distinguish between other closely related Lepidoptera species.

Study on biodegradation kinetics of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate by newly isolated halotolerant Ochrobactrum anthropi strain L1-W

Nshimiyimana et al are reporting on a newly isolated bacterium that is able to degrade pollutants such as di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate and a range of other phthalates.

May 2020

Drinking or smoking while breastfeeding and later developmental health outcomes in children

Using longitudinal data from The Growing Up in Australia Study, the current study by Gibson et al aimed to investigate whether intake of alcohol or tobacco while breastfeeding was related to later developmental health outcomes in children.

Assessing two methods for estimating excess mortality of chronic diseases from aggregated data

The aim of this Research Note by Brinks et al was to assess the performance of two recently published estimators for the excess mortality of a chronic disease from prevalence and incidence data. It was found that special attention is required when interpreting the results at lower age ranges.

April 2020

Concentrations of Caesium-137 in the organs and tissues of low-dose-exposed wild Japanese monkeys

Caesium-137 was detected in various organ and tissue samples of wild Japanese monkeys inhabiting the forested areas of Fukushima City. Results can help to understand the biological effects of long-term internal radiation exposure in non-human primates.

Cross-sectional study of the association between skin tags and vascular risk factors in a bariatric clinic-based cohort of Irish adults with morbid obesity

Fang et al conducted a cross-sectional study that sought to determine whether the presence of cervical or axillary skin tags was associated with increased cardiovascular risk in Irish adults with morbid obesity. In bariatric clinic attenders skin tags were associated with higher systolic blood pressure and HbA1c, and a higher prevalence of diabetes and hypertension, consistent with increased vascular risk.

March 2020

Maize genomes to fields (G2F): 2014–2017 field seasons: genotype, phenotype, climatic, soil, and inbred ear image datasets

In this Data Note, McFarland et al include inbred genotypic information; phenotypic, climatic, and soil measurements and metadata information from the maize genomes to fields (G2F) initiative (2014-2017).

CRISPR-Cas9-mediated labelling of the C-terminus of human laminin β1 leads to secretion inhibition

In this Research Note, Shaw et al suggest that, in humans, the addition of C-terminal Dendra2 tag to laminin β1 inhibits laminin secretion, and is not a viable approach for use in animal models.

February 2020

Tobacco and electronic cigarette cues for smoking and vaping: an online experimental study

This online study by Blackwell et al examined if exposure to smoking and vaping cues the urge to smoke or vape. There was no evidence indicating that exposure to videos of smoking or vaping cued smoking urges and no evidence of interaction effects between cue exposure and smoking and vaping status. The lack of cueing effects on smoking urges is inconsistent with previous research, raising questions about the ability to assess craving in online settings.

DNA barcode trnH-psbA is a promising candidate for efficient identification of forage legumes and grasses

This proof-of-concept work by Loera-Sánchez et al aimed to determine which of three plant DNA barcodes (rbcLa, matK and trnH-psbA) best discriminates 16 key grass and legume species common in temperate sub-alpine grasslands. trnH-psbA had a 100% correct assignment rate in the five analyzed legumes and three analyzed grasses, making it the most promising candidate for plant species richness assessments that could support plant biodiversity monitoring.

January 2021

Featured article: Wrapping culture plates with Parafilm M® increases Caenorhabditis elegans growth

This study by Shinn-Thomas et al says that C. elegans investigators should be aware that wrapping their experimental cultures with Parafilm may result in statistically detectable changes in worm growth and possibly other developmental processes.

Featured article: Different forms of informal coercion in psychiatry: a qualitative study

This study by Pelto-Piri et al investigated how mental health professionals describe and reflect upon different forms of informal coercion. They report that informal coercion includes forms that are not obviously arranged in a hierarchy, and that its use is complex with a variety of pathways between different forms before treatment is accepted by the patient or compulsion is imposed.

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