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Table 3 KEGG enriched terms containing genes over-expressed in cluster 2b

From: Global gene expression profiling of oral cavity cancers suggests molecular heterogeneity within anatomic subsites

KEGG Term p Value Gene Symbol
hsa00190:Oxidative phosphorylation 6.84E-16 ATP5B, ATP5C1, ATP5F1, ATP5G3, ATP5H, ATP5L, ATP5O, COX17, COX5A, COX6A1, COX6B1, COX7A2, COX7B, COX7C, CYC1, NDUFA12, NDUFA7, NDUFAB1, NDUFB10, NDUFB8, NDUFB9, NDUFS1, NDUFS4, NDUFS5, NDUFV2, PPA2, RP3-405J24.3, SDHA, SDHB, SDHD, UQCRB, UQCRFS1, UQCRH
hsa03050:Proteasome 2.58E-04 PSMA1, PSMA2, PSMA4, PSMA5, PSMB2, PSMB6, PSMD12
hsa04110:Cell cycle 0.001169541 ANAPC11, CCNB1, CDK4, DBF4, MAD2L1, MCM2, MCM3, MCM5, MCM7, PTTG2, RBX1, SKP1A, YWHAE, YWHAQ
hsa00020:Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) 0.001533882 ACLY, IDH3A, IDH3B, MDH2, SDHA, SDHB, SDHD
hsa03010:Ribosome 9.30E-07 C15ORF15, MRPS7, RPL13, RPL18A, RPL19, RPL26, RPL27, RPL35A, RPL6, RPL7, RPS15A, RPS2, RPS24, RPS26, RPS26E, RPS26L, RPS27, RPS3, RPS3A, RPS7