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Figure 3

From: Saccharomyces cerevisiae chitin biosynthesis activation by N-acetylchitooses depends on size and structure of chito-oligosaccharides

Figure 3

Activation by N -acetylchitooses is independent on Glc-NAc and trypsin. (A) [14C]-chitin was prepared and quantified as described, except that Glc-NAc was present at 40 mM (grey bars), 1 mM (black bars) or absent (hatched bars) in the incubation mixture. (B) [14C]-Glc-NAc incorporation into chitin measured after two different conditions of CHS activation by trypsin: during (standard conditions, grey bars), or before (black bars) chitin polymerization. Results in presence or absence of N-acetylchitopentaoses are shown.

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