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Table 3 Outcomes of patients in our registry

From: Improved survival of patients with coronary artery disease and low ejection fraction with ICD implantation versus conventional therapy in a real world survey

  Detmold ICD + Detmold ICD –
(n = 70) (n = 143)
  Coronary artery disease with an EF ≤ 35 %, no MI within the last 28 days, without known cancer or history of ventricular fibrillation
Mean follow-up 44 months
Total mortality 20.0 37.8
HR Total mortality HR 0.52 (95%CI 0.29-0.93); p = 0.027
Heart failure related hospitalization 25.7 8.3
  1. Legend: HR, hazard ratio; CI, confidence interval, EF, ejection fraction; LV, left ventricular.