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Figure 6

From: Sequencing and validation of housekeeping genes for quantitative real-time PCR during the gonadotrophic cycle of Diploptera punctata

Figure 6

Graphical representation of the relative transcript level of the target gene A) follicle cell protein 3c measured in the ovary and B) CYP15A1 in the CA during the first gonadotrophic cycle of D. punctata . Measurements were taken every day during the cycle (day 0 to day 7 after final molt). The data represent means of three independent pools of ten animals, run in triplicate using q-RT-PCR. Fcp 3c was normalized to Tub, RpL32 and EF1 α transcript levels or to Actin transcript levels. CYP15A1 was normalized to EF1 α and Arm transcript levels or to AnnIX transcript levels. Vertical bars indicate S.E.M.

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