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Figure 2

From: “Affect of anaerobiosis on the antibiotic susceptibility of H. influenzae

Figure 2

Hydroxyl ions were detected during an aerobic time-kill assay in room air by measuring the fluorescence at 516 nm of. 3′ (p-hydroxyphenyl), fluorescein (HPF, 5 μM)v Positive controls consisted of 1 mM H2O2 added to the media with strain R2866 (×) and R2846 (‡). Hydroxyl ions were not detected during incubation of R2866 with 2 μg/ml tetracycline (■) or Kanamycin at 1.5 μg/ml (▲) or with R2846 in media containing tetracycline at 3 μg/ml (•) or Kanamycin at 1.5 μg/ml ().

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