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Table 1 Participant sociodemographic* (n = 37)

From: Competence-based curriculum development for general practice in Germany: a stepwise peer-based approach instead of reinventing the wheel

Age mean (range) 48,3 (29-60 years)
Sex (n) Female: 13 Male: 24
GP specialists (n) 30
GP trainer (n) 21
Non-physician (n) 1
Medical student (n) 1
Trainees/Member of the JADe1 (n) 10
Member of the DEGAM2 (n) 32
Member of the HÄV3 (n) 16
Position in a Medical Association (n) 7
  1. *Multiple answers were possible.
  2. 1JADe: The German Working Group for Newly Qualified and Future General Practitioners.
  3. 2DEGAM: German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians.
  4. 3HÄV: Professional Association of Family Physicians and General Practitioners in Germany.