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Table 3 Wait-time benchmark achievement

From: Timely access and quality of care in colorectal cancer: a population-based cohort study using administrative data

Wait-time interval n Median time (days) Benchmark Benchmark achievement (%)
Presentation to diagnosis1 1807 44 4 weeks 37.1
Diagnosis to surgery- CRC2 2282 19 4 weeks 67.4
Diagnosis to surgery-RC Only2 818 25 4 weeks 56.5
Surgery to adjuvant therapy3 526 66 8 weeks 39.2
  1. 1Presentation date not available if there were no physician visits in the year prior to diagnosis, or if no presentation codes present consistent with those that we identified.
  2. 2For rectal cancer patients who received neo-adjuvant radiotherapy, this interval was adjusted by subtracting 10 weeks from the total time between diagnosis to surgery to account for the delivery of radiation and subsequent recovery time prior to surgery.
  3. 3Contains stage II, III rectal cancer patients and stage III colon cancer patients who received adjuvant therapy. (i.e., this includes both post-operative chemotherapy and post-operative radiotherapy).