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Table 1 Sample location for each species, variety, and population of the Keteleeria species

From: Development and characterization of 16 polymorphic microsatellite markers from Taiwan cow-tail fir, Keteleeria davidiana var. formosana (Pinaceae) and cross-species amplification in other Keteleeria taxa

Species Location Sample size Latitude Longitude Herbarium
K. davidiana var. formosana Pinglin, Taiwan 25 N 24°53′28″ E 121°42′12″ TAIF
  Dawu, Taiwan 25 N 22°21′23″ E 120°47′27″ TAIF
K. fortunei var. cyclolepis Fujian, China 3 N 27°09′18″ E 118°13′03″ TAIF
K. pubescens Guizhou, China 3 N 26°30′54″ E 108°03′52″ TAIE
K. davidiana var. calcarea Guangxi, China 3 N 25°12′47″ E 110°11′50″ TAIE
K. davidiana var. chienpeii Guizhou, China 3 N 26°20′26″ E 106°41″52″ TAIE
K. fortunei Fujian, China 3 N 26°09′57″ E 119°02′19″ TAIF
K. evelyniana Yunnan, China 3 N 23°42′55″ E 105°07′24″ TAIE
  1. Sample size, location, coordinates, and voucher specimens are indicated.
  2. Note: TAIF = the herbarium of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute; TAIE = the herbarium of the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute.