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Table 2 Environmental and psychological factors associated with initiation of alcohol use disorders among people living with HIV attending services at Jimma University Specialized hospital

From: Alcohol use disorders and associated factors among people living with HIV who are attending services in south west Ethiopia

Variables N (%)
Easily availability of alcohol 43(33.9)
Parental modeling 37(29.1)
Peer pressure to drink 53(41.7)
Lack of somebody who provide support 14(11)
To increase self confidence 11(8.7)
To alleviate fear of socializing 8(6.3)
To forget financial difficulties 11(8.7)
Due to long-standing life stressors 8(6.3)
Due to long-standing marital disharmony 6(4.7)
Like the way alcohol makes me feel happy 29(22.8)
Family history of AUDs 37(29.1)