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Table 1 Information on the plants used, yields of extraction and report on evidence of their activities

From: Anti-Staphylococcus aureus activity of methanol extracts of 12 plants used in Cameroonian folk medicine

Plant name Parts use tradionally Locality of harvest Yields (%) Ethnobotanical relevance Identification code Previous scientific studies
Acalypha frutucosa Forssk Leaf Santchou 3.43 Skin infections and diarrhoea 33,034/HNC Antimicrobial and antioxidant activity [8]
Aspilia africana CD/Adams Leaf Santchou 2.51 Wound treament 16,935/SRF Cam Antiulcer activity [9]
Commelina Erecta Leaf Santchou 1.56 Eczema and skin infection treatment 22,595/SRF Cam /
Dacryodes edulis (Don) H.J Lam Leaf Santchou 4.44 Stomach ache 17,234/SRF Cam Phytochemical studies and antimicrobial activity [10]
Drymaria cordata Willd   Dschang 1.02 Headache 20,550/SRF Cam Cytotoxic activity [11]
Eremomastax speciosa Cufod Leaf Dschang 2.26 Nappy rash treatment 36,228/HNC Antidiarrhoea and antimicrobial activity [12, 13]
Kalanchoe crenata Andr Leaf Santchou 10.92 Ear infection, rheumatism and inflammatory treatment 50,103/YA Cam anti-inflamatory and antibacterial activity [14, 15]
Occimum gratissimum linn Hochst Leaf Santchou 9.54 Food plant 42,850/HNC Antimicrobial and phytochemical studies [16, 17]
Portulaca oleracea Leaf Dschang 4.61 Food plant 17,542/SRF Cam Antimicrobial and phytochemical studies [18]
Scoporia dulcis Linn Leaf Santchou 8.12 Stomach ache 22,595/SRF Cam Antidiabetic activity [19]
Sida veronicifolia Linn Leaf and steam Santchou 1.11 Stomach ache 20,859/SRF Cam Antioxydant activity [20]
Spilanthes filicaulis C .D. Adams Leaf and steam Santchou 5.54 Headache, fontanel, teeth pain, angina 20,447/SFR Cam Phytochemical studies and antiulcer activity [9]