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Fig. 3

From: Catestatin, vasostatin, cortisol, and pain assessments in dogs suffering from traumatic bone fractures

Fig. 3

Plasma catestatin in 30 healthy and 14 dogs with fractures before and after morphine administration. No significant difference was found between the analgesia groups (None, Unknown, Carprofen, Morphine) or when compared before (Before) and after (After) morphine administration in the dogs with traumatic bone fractures. The upper vertical line (whisker) refers to maximal value and lower whisker refers to minimal value. The length of the box refers to interquartile range from quartile 1–3 (percentile 25–75) where the top of the box is quartile 3 and the bottom is quartile 1. The circle symbol in the box refers to mean and the horizontal line in the box is median

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