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Fig. 1

From: Authentication of collagen VI antibodies

Fig. 1

Validation of antisera raised against tissue-purified collagen VI. Antibody clone, supplier and catalogue number are listed down the left-hand side. Staining was conducted on cross- (A, E, I, M, Q) and transverse (B, F, J, N and R) sections of normal human skeletal muscle using dilutions described in Table 1. Blots containing lysates from cells expressing α1, α2 and α3 chains run under reducing (boxed first three lanes) and non-reducing (boxed second set of lanes) conditions are shown in C, G, K, O and S. Each blot was probed with antibodies indicated on left at the dilutions shown in Table 1. Blots from cell lysates (non-reduced) expressing multimeric collagen VI expressing all three chains were also probed (D, H, L, P and T). Asterisks denote high molecular weight collagen VI band. Migration position of molecular weight markers (in kDa) is shown between each pair of immunoblots

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