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TableĀ 3 Knowledge of health care workers about hepatitis B infection at Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Hawassa, SNNPR, Ethiopia, 2017

From: Knowledge on HBV vaccine and vaccination status among health care workers of Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Hawassa, southern Ethiopia: a cross sectional study

Knowledge question about hepatitis B infection True, N (%)
One can get hepatitis B infection through needle stick injury 235 (97.5)
Hepatitis B infection can be prevented by vaccination 233 (96.7)
Hepatitis B virus can be found in semen or vaginal fluid of infected person 225 (93.4)
Hepatitis B infected person may be asymptomatic for long time 218 (90.5)
Every person exposed to hepatitis B virus will develop acute hepatitis immediately 81 (33.6)
Hepatitis B virus is highly infectious 226 (93.8)
Only small proportion of the world population is infected with hepatitis B virusĀ  79 (32.8)
Hepatitis B virus mainly affects live 217 (90)