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Table 1 Course program of trainers in pediatric basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and accident care

From: Cooperation program for volunteer medical students for training in pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation and accident prevention in Honduras

First day (6.5 h)Introduction to the volunteer experience
• General volunteering. Recommendations and advice
• Explanation of the activities of ACOES Madrid
Second day (6.5 h)Basic CPR instructors course
1. Introduction. Methodology of the course of monitors
2. Program and methodology of the prevention and CPR course
3. Characteristics of teaching CPR to non-health adults
4. Preparation of clinical cases and evaluation of students and the course
5. Theoretical classes
6. Practical classes
Third 3 (6.5 h)Training course in accident prevention and first aid
1. Content and methodology of the accident prevention course
2. Practice of discussing situations of accident risk and prevention and contents of the kit. Discussion of the most frequent accidents in children in the home, street and school and preventive measures
3. Explanation and practice of the content of the kit
4. Traumatism, convulsions and intoxications care practice
5. Practice of attention to hemorrhages, wounds and burns
Fourth 4 (6.5 h)Simulation of accident prevention course and CPR
• Simulation of a complete course. Evaluation and correction by the tutors