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Figure 1

From: Sequencing and validation of housekeeping genes for quantitative real-time PCR during the gonadotrophic cycle of Diploptera punctata

Figure 1

JH and oocyte measurements of the test animals. The right-hand axis shows the length of basal oocytes dissected from D. punctata females during the first gonadotrophic cycle (day 0 to day 6 after the imaginal molt, oviposition took place at the start of day 7). The data represent means of 30 individual animals. Vertical bars indicate standard deviations. The left-hand axis represents the amount of JH released during the first gonadotrophic cycle (day 0 to day 7 after final molt). The data are represented in pmol/hour per individual CA and represent means of 12 independent biological replicates. The vertical bars indicate standard errors.

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