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Following a call from the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee for evidence on reproducibility and research integrity, and the roles different institutions play in this, we partnered with the UK Reproducibility Network to provide a platform to share feedback on the topic with the wider scientific community. 
Our new collection welcomes opinion pieces by individuals, groups and organisations.

Featured articles

Picture of a cricket on a leave. © © banjongseal324De novo assembly and annotation of the mangrove cricket genome
This Data Note presents the draft genome of the mangrove cricket. Satoh et al hope to facilitate future molecular studies into mechanisms behind the endogenous activity rhythm synchronized with the tidal cycle.

picture of a hand holding tweezers removing a piece of genetic code from a double helix © © vchalupTiming and duration of lipofection-mediated CRISPR/Cas9 delivery into porcine zygotes affect gene-editing events
The aim of this study by Lin et al was to improve the lipofection-mediated gene editing efficiency by optimizing the timing and duration of lipofection.

picture of a fire salamander and a schematic drawing of the experimental set up used.  © Figure 1 (adapted)Measuring athletic performance in post-metamorphic fire salamanders
This method by de Rysky et al avoids inter-individual variation in motivation, and measures of athletic performance will be directly comparable between larval and terrestrial stages, allowing to study the contribution of carryover effects.


BMC Series Focus Issues

November: Infection and health

The BMC Series journals would like to dedicate their November focus issue to the recent research into infections and health highlighting four key topics within research on infection - the biology, recent advances in detection and diagnosis, the risk factors and incidence reports and finally on the advances in treatment and combating of infection.  Browse the articles in the focus issue further to learn more.

October: Focus on Stem Cells

With Stem Cell Awareness day on the 13th October this year we have compiled an article collection from across different BMC Series journals covering aspects of basic stem cell biology; in vitro differentiation studies; stem-cell based therapy studies for various conditions in animal models; technical advancements and ethical issues. 

Aims and scope

BMC Research Notes is an open access journal publishing peer-reviewed contributions from across all scientific and clinical disciplines, including intriguing initial observations, updates to previous work and established methods, valid negative results, and scientific data sets and descriptions. We are committed to making it easier to find, cite and share your short reports by providing an inclusive forum for valuable data and research observations.

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In our latest Commentary, Senior Board Member Prof. Forero and colleagues discuss the key elements of data sharing and open repositories, and explore how this adds to initiatives around Open Science. 

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To learn more about how BMC Research Notes enables authors to share their data, find out about our Data Note article type!

Our Values

New Content Item BMC Research Notes is a BMC Series journal. Our ethos is to be open, inclusive and trusted. 
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Diversity and New Content ItemInclusion
We are committed to improving diversity and inclusion in research publishing.

New Content ItemSustainable Development Goals 
We support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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