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Fig. 1

From: Multiple imputation of multiple multi-item scales when a full imputation model is infeasible

Fig. 1

Responses rate by question and country. Questions not-applicable due differences in healthcare systems appear as breaks in the plot. MARS Medication Adherence Rating Scale, LOTR Life Orientation Test Revised, BMQ Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire, TPB Theory of Planned Behaviour, EUROPEP European Task Force on Patient Evaluations of General Practice, BRIGHT Building Research Initiative Group Illness Management and Adherence in Transplantation, BIPQ Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire Reprinted from Value in Health, 18(2), Morrison VL, Holmes EAF, Parveen S, Plumpton CO, Clyne W, De Geest S, Dobbels F, Vrijens B, Kardas P, Hughes DA, Predictors of Self-Reported Adherence to Antihypertensive Medicines: A Multinational, Cross-Sectional Survey, 206–216, Copyright (2015), with permission from Elsevier [21]

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