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Table 1 Variants found in genes previously implicated in meat tenderization process

From: Whole genome analysis of Black Bengal goat from Savar Goat Farm, Bangladesh

Gene Chromosome Position Base change Amino acid change
CAST NC_030814 14434086:exon3:c G83A:p R28 > K
CAST NC_030814 14434086:exon18:c C1245G:p V415 > V
CAST NC_030814 14434086:exon28:c G2052A:p E684 > E
CAST NC_030814 14434086:exon25:c C1863T:p P621 > P
CAST NC_030814 14434086:exon14:c G972A:p P324 > P
Hsp70.1 NC_030830 22440674:exon1:c G309A:p V103 > V
Hsp70.1 NC_030830 22440674:exon1:c C993T:p I331 > I
Hsp70.1 NC_030830 22440674:exon1:c C1653T:p S551 > S
Hsp70.1 NC_030830 22440674:exon1:c C1528T:p L510 > L
Hsp70.1 NC_030830 22440674:exon1:c C24A:p G8 > G
CAPN1 NC_030836 43822608:exon17:c C1803A:p R601 > R
CAPN2 NC_030823 25579185:exon12:c G1522A:p D508 > N
CAPN2 NC_030823 25579185:exon13:c T1560A:p L520 > L
CAPN2 NC_030823 25579185:exon17:c G1764A:p G588 > G
CAPN2 NC_030823 25579185:exon18:c C1833T:p Y611 > Y
CAPN2 NC_030823 25579185:exon3:c C327T:p A109 > A
CASP3 NC_030834 30502447:exon3:c C267T:p N89 > N