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Table 1 TSST participant characteristics

From: Integrated microRNA and mRNA gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in response to acute psychosocial stress: a repeated-measures within-subject pilot study

Sample Cortisol responders profiled by microarray
N 12
Age (years) 43.17 (19.34)
Cortisol response (in nmol/l) 13.60 (5.77)
BDI 2.36 (2.38)
BAI 3.75 (3.05)
TiCS-CSSS 10.33 (7.24)
CTQ 40.90 (14.62)
STAI-S 25.00 (5.82)
SLE 45.75 (11.08)
  1. All values are mean (± standard deviation). Higher sum scores indicate increased symptom severity
  2. BAI beck anxiety questionnaire, sum score, BDI beck depression questionnaire, sum score, TiCS-CSSS chronic stress screening scale of the trier inventory for the assessment of chronic stress, sum score, CTQ childhood trauma questionnaire, sum score, STAI state-trait anxiety questionnaire, SLE stressful life events (based on a structured interview)